full body wellness

because you want it all

customized blend of massage techniques

gentle to deep pressure

full body attention with or without a focus area

rest on cushioned floor mats or traditional massage table

heated packs/towels for increased comfort

Cushioned floor mat sessions

Designed for rejuvenation

Let go of muscle tightness and mobility restrictions with sessions that include rhythmic compressions and passive and active stretching. Leave your session feeling at ease in your body yet empowered to take on the rest of your week.

Remain engaged throughout the session

As movement is the foundation of these sessions, you will become aware of how your body feels and changes with each technique. Actively participating and staying engaged also promotes body awareness outside the session. Your awareness helps support new muscle memory, break habits that cause discomfort and achieve long-term relief.

Please arrive to your session in gym/yoga attire that allows for easy movement (no jeans).

sessions also include elements of:

thai yoga massage



massage table sessions

Designed for relaxation

Take a deep breath, unwind and let your mind doze on a heated massage table with sessions that blend myofascial, swedish and neuromuscular techniques. Leave your session feeling more comfortable in your body and de-stressed from life's challenges.

Focus area option

This session allows for a full body massage with special attention to an area of pain or discomfort, if needed. Extra care, for example, can be spent on shoulder strains, knee pain or forearm discomfort.  

As well as jaw, head and neck issues, your therapist is experienced in scar tissue repair and mobilization. Emily is trained in techniques to promote healthy scar tissue formation after an injury and in techniques to breakup old scar tissue and relieve movement restrictions. 

Depending on your therapy needs and focus area, this session may be performed fully clothed or undressed to your level of comfort while covered modestly with a sheet and blanket. 

Photo by Topalov/iStock / Getty Images