Welcome to E. Ruth

Hello, I'm Emily. I am a licensed massage therapist and sole practitioner at E. Ruth Wellness Massage.

I am passionate about helping people feel better in their body. The way we move and listen to our body effects how we feel. My practice focuses on these two things.

I use a variety of techniques to encourage the body's innate restorative capabilities. The body has an amazing ability to recover from life's stress, physical and emotional, and it is my job to help get you there.

My job is to also help you stay there - for you to live with improved comfort during everyday activities. Throughout my years in practice, I have learned that awareness of one's body is empowering; thus, I encourage my clients to be involved in their therapy. Awareness of our body gives us tools to take charge and respond to stress proactively, allowing for long-term change. 

Unlike typical massage therapy, my work allows for clients stay fully clothed. With clients in athletic/gym attire, I am able to move about the body efficiently and to utilize techniques that move or affect more than one area at a time.

I invite you to learn more about E. Ruth by continuing below or by contacting me directly by phone or email.

Movement & Body Awareness

Therapy at E. Ruth focuses on mobilizing soft tissues so that you can move in comfort. Before and during each session, I listen, observe and assess. I search for limitations and imbalances in soft tissues that may cause discomfort and restrict movement. My work encourages muscle tissue to relax and lengthen and for fascial tissue to loosen and glide. As a result, fluids, nutrients and cellular waste products have a freer passageway in and out of your tissues. Without blockages, the body's natural physiological processes are better supported for optimal health and function. 

At E. Ruth, I also focus on strengthening your connection to your body. This might involve me asking you about changes you may feel, me guiding you to focus on your breath or by me instructing you through active movements. This might also simply be with passive movements, not requiring your assistance at all. By staying engaged, physically or mentally, your brain-muscle connection is activated, enabling you to extend your therapy to outside your session, to every day activities. Your improved awareness of how your body moves, and can move, helps break habits that cause discomfort, build new muscle memory and maintain long-term relief.

Style & Techniques

Therapy at E. Ruth is more than a massage. Discomfort usually results from more than one cause: an injury, compensation patterns, chronic health conditions, work posture, surgery, daily physical activities, emotional stress and/or sleep quality. Because of this, and because I understand that these stressors are ever-changing, I sit down with my clients before each session to discuss what they need.  I balance the long-term and short-term goals of my clients to give the best holistic therapy that I can provide. I invite feedback following each session so that sessions can build upon each other and add customized value to each client.

During the assessment and massage, I inform clients what I notice and what I feel, but, what my client feels is most important. My approach is to work with the body, not forcefully push through soft tissue (which may cause pain and tissue damage). Often my work varies from slow, gentle techniques to ones that engage deeper tissues. Depending on therapy goals, clients may need wear or bring gym or yoga attire to their appointment. Therapy takes place with clients either sitting on a massage chair or lying on a traditional massage table or a cushioned floor mat.

Myofascial massage, CranioSacral, Thai Massage, Neuromuscular techniques, Hydrotherapy, Restorative Yoga, Breathwork