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WA State DOH license no. MA60270859 with intraoral endorsement

WA State DOH license no. MA60270859 with intraoral endorsement

Hello, I'm Emily. I am a licensed massage therapist, owner and sole practitioner of E. Ruth Wellness Massage.

I am passionate about helping people feel better in their body. The way we move and how we listen to our body affects how we feel. My practice focuses on these principles. 

I use a variety of techniques to encourage the body's innate restorative capabilities. The body has an amazing ability to recover from stress, physical and emotional. My goal is to help get you there.

My goal is also to help you stay there - for you to live with increased comfort throughout your day. My years in practice have taught me that an awareness of one's body is empowering. I encourage my clients to be involved in their therapy. Awareness of your body gives you tools to take charge and to respond proactively to stress, allowing for long-term change. 

As therapist and owner, I am with my clients for all aspects of their massage therapy experience. I invite you to learn more about E. Ruth by continuing below or by contacting me by phone or email.

Movement & Body Awareness

E. Ruth therapy focuses on mobilizing soft tissues to improve comfort with movement. Before and during each session, I listen, observe and assess. I explore limitations and imbalances in soft tissues that may cause discomfort and restrict movement. I treat to encourage muscle tissue to relax and lengthen and for fascial tissue to loosen and glide. As a result, the passageways for fluids, nutrients and cellular waste products are open; without blockages, the body's natural physiological processes are supported for optimal health and function. 

I also focus on strengthening the awareness of one's body. This might include asking clients about changes they notice, prompting clients to focus on their breath or guiding them through active movements. By staying engaged, physically and mentally, the brain to muscle connection is activated, extending the benefits of therapy beyond our sessions. Mindfulness of how your body moves and can move helps break habits that cause discomfort, build new muscle memory and maintain long-term relief.

Style & Techniques

Therapy at E. Ruth is more than a routine massage. Discomfort results from more than one cause: an injury, compensation patterns, chronic health conditions, work posture, surgery, daily physical activities, emotional stress, sleep quality and more. Because of this, and because I understand that these stresses are dynamic, I sit down with my clients before each session to discuss what they need. I balance the long-term and short-term goals of my clients to give the best personalized holistic therapy. I also welcome feedback after each session to strengthen the therapeutic value of future sessions.

I believe understanding what and how my clients feel are the keys to my practice. My approach is to work with the body and not forcefully push through soft tissue (which may cause pain and tissue damage). Often my work varies from slow, gentle techniques to ones that engage deeper tissues or broader regions. I check in with my clients to make sure they are not in any discomfort and adjust pressure and therapeutic techniques as needed.

I am trained in various styles of massage and bodywork: myofascial massage, neuromuscular techniques, sports massage, craniosacral therapy, intraoral massage, hydrotherapy, restorative yoga, Thai massage and breathwork. I incorporate various techniques in each session, adapting to my client's goals, their body's response to the technique and their comfort. No two sessions are alike. 

Depending on therapy goals, and unlike typical massage therapy, much of my work allows for clients to stay fully clothed. With clients in exercise or yoga attire, I am able to move about the body efficiently and utilize techniques that affect multiple areas at a time. During therapy, clients may sit on a massage chair, lie on a traditional massage table or on a cushioned mat on the floor.

Background & Experience

I became fascinated with massage after a craniosacral massage session in 2010. I felt restored, at peace with my body. I discovered that healthcare is more than fixing a problem; it acknowledges and promotes with is right with the body. I was excited and eager to share my awareness with others. Within months, I enrolled in the 1,000 Hour Extended Massage Therapy program at the Cortiva Institute, Seattle.

My training at Cortiva provided me with a solid foundation. I learned hot to assess posture imbalances and soft tissue restrictions. I trained extensively in Swedish massage, myofascial and neuromuscular techniques, orthopedic massage and structural bodywork. While at Cortiva, my curiosity about therapeutic value of touch led my conducting a case study on the effect of relaxation focused massage on a client with diagnosed TMJ dysfunction. Relieving jaw and facial tightness continues to be a focus of my practice today.

After receiving my massage license, I opened up E. Ruth with the mission to bring comfort into people's everyday lives and to offer healthcare as a rewarding experience. After a fulfilling three years in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle, I fell in love with scenic downtown Edmonds and relocated E. Ruth in early 2015. As a small business owner since 2012, I take pride in all aspects of my practice. 

I am committed to developing expertise in by field. My continuing education includes training in intraoral, Thai and shiatsu massage, craniosacral study through Bastyr University and restorative yoga teacher training at Twist Yoga Edmonds. I have also volunteered at community fairs, fundraising events and at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. I am always exploring ways to make massage more accessible to the community. If you are interested in bringing massage to a fundraising event, assisted living community, senior center or to other underserved populations, please contact me.

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Emily is a member of The American Massage Therapy Association. The AMTA is a professional organization of massage therapists and a valuable resource for massage therapy consumers.