head, hands & feet

Settle into a warm shoulder wrap and heated massage table and enjoy soothing treatment to your scalp, hands and/or feet

soothe your mind & body

Hit pause from the hustle and bustle of everyday life with a focused massage on your head, hands and feet. Gentle massage techniques are used to release tension and to cue the body's parasympathetic nervous system, promoting rest and ease. 

Customize your massage for all five points or dedicate your entire session to one or two areas for undivided attention.

Can be an add-on to another massage sessions for added comfort and nurturing.

Great for


general relaxation

clients new to massage

clients with medical or physical restrictions

busy schedules

If you have never received a massage, uncertain if you would like massage, or if you have disliked massage previously, this session can be a good fit for you.
You will rest fully clothed on a massage table, heated or unheated, or on a cushioned chair. A warm neck wrap will be provided for added comfort if desired. Depending on your preferences, you will receive a massage on your head, hands and/or feet.
Unlike a full body massage or an injury treatment massage, these sessions are designed with few restrictions to benefit a broad population base.
These sessions are for stress reduction and relaxation purposes and not for injury treatment.