frequently asked questions

is e. ruth right for you?

Before scheduling, Emily is happy to discuss your therapy goals, your needs or any questions you may have about what massage therapy at E. Ruth can provide. Emily encourages clients to call, email or schedule a face-to-face 15 minute consult at no cost.

what to expect at your first session:

Each session refers to the "hands-on" time. For example, in a 60 minute session, you will receive 60 minutes of massage in addition to the intake & wrap up process. Thus, please allow for 5-15 minutes extra to enjoy the full E. Ruth experience. 

At your first session, you will be asked to complete/sign:

  • a health history form to ensure your safety

  • a consent form authorizing massage therapy

  • a notification of privacy policies

Before each session, you will be asked to discuss your therapy goals and any changes your health. This helps Emily plan your customized session- no two sessions are alike.

During your massage, feedback in encouraged. Emily will modify your massage plan if needed or requested.

Following your massage, Emily will ask for feedback about your experience and you will be given self care tips to promote ongoing comfort in your daily life.


Most sessions at E. Ruth are performed with the client fully clothed. Fully clothed table or floor mat sessions require clothing that you can easily move in, similar to going to the gym or to a yoga class. 

Intraoral sessions often involve massage of the neck, shoulders, upper chest and back. It is optional for clients to remove shirt and/or bra. If you decided to do so, you will rest modestly covered under a sheet and blanket. Table warmer optional for added warmth.

no pain

Massage therapy should never be painful. 

Certain treatment techniques may initially, but briefly, produce pain in order for Emily to establish a baseline and to check for symptoms of potential underlying conditions.

Your trust and comfort is of the utmost importance. Emily will work with you to ensure each session in never painful and always effective.


30 min - $40

45 min - $60

60 min - $80

75 min - $100

90 min - $120

Payment in full is due at time of service. Cash & major credit/debit cards accepted.

E. Ruth is not billing insurance at this time. Itemized receipts are available for insurance reimbursement by request.

no tipping policy

The greatest gratuity is to schedule another session with Emily and to refer people you feel will benefit from her work.


E. Ruth is located among other healthcare and small business professionals in the Heritage Building. You're welcome to park in the Heritage parking lot, accessible off 6th avenue at no cost.  Street parking is also available nearby at no cost. 

E. Ruth is on the 2nd floor, stair access only.