• chair massage sessions

  • treatment focus sessions

  • full body wellness sessions

 chair massage - affordable and effective stress management

Chair massage sessions are 30 minutes, offering convenient self care for your busy day.

You'll rest fully clothed on an ergonomic chair designed for massage therapy. Depending on your focus areas and comfort level, you will sit with your face resting down on a headrest or sit face-forward (as if sitting in a regular chair).

areas best addressed with a chair massage:

  • scalp

  • neck & shoulders

  • back

  • arms & hands

work in edmonds? e. ruth offers chair massage discount! sessions are always $1 per minute of massage.


30 Minute Chair

Focus sessions - relief from a specific concern or problem area

A 45 or 60 minute focus session dedicated to addressing one or two areas of discomfort.

Common concerns seen at E. Ruth:

  • jaw pain and tightness/TMJ dysfunction

  • neck tightness

  • headaches

  • shoulder immobility

  • desk posture imbalance/upper cross syndrome

  • low back & hip pain

  • scar tissue mobilization (post surgery and older)

For focused sessions, clients lie on a traditional massage table (table warmer optional). Depending on your therapy needs and focus area, this session may be performed fully clothed or undressed to your level comfort while covered modestly with a sheet and blanket.

Emily has specialized training in intraoral massage. Please click here to learn more.


45 Minute Focus

60 Minute Focus

full body sessions - complete mind & body wellness

The 75 and 90 minute sessions accommodate full body attention with or without a focus area. Clients rest on a traditional massage table or on a cushioned floor mat.

classic table sessions

During a classic table session, clients lie under a sheet and blanket on cushioned table while undressed to their level of comfort. Massage techniques are used that require massage lotion or oil during therapy. 

A classic table session is ideal for:

  • a mini vacation - time to let go of your responsibilities and de-stress. Depending on your goals, Emily will only engage you in minimal feedback to make sure you are comfortable.

  • those comforted by the soothing application of oils. Experience the calming effect of gliding massage techniques that quiet the mind and support relaxation.

  • a cold or rainy day. Maximize the therapeutic value of heat with a table warmer and with the placement of heated packs on achy, tight muscles.

Fully clothed table and floor mat sessions

Alleviate muscle tightness and mobility restrictions with sessions that include rhythmic compression and stretching techniques with elements of:

thai massage - shiatsu - sports massage - restorative yoga

Remain engaged throughout your session. As movement is the foundation of these sessions, you will become aware of how your body feels and changes with each technique. Actively participating and staying engaged also strengthens your body awareness outside the session. Your awareness helps promote new muscle memory, break habits that cause discomfort and achieve long-term relief.

*Please arrive, or bring with you, gym/yoga attire that allows for easy movement (no jeans).


75 Minute Full Body

90 Minute Full Body